Photo Equipment

Photo Relaxation

August 29, 2014.  I have been taking photos since starting the website back in 1996. I used a film camera then and must have gone through about 50 rolls of films. With the advent of scanners I was able to scan a small percentage of my film photos. Working at a large non-profit and having one of my duties being to take the organization’s photos I quickly learned not to be afraid to go ahead and take the shot. Go right up to people and take photos. To this day that has served me well. I am not shy about getting my shot.

Seeds inside tree seed pod at East 108th Street near Third Avenue
Seeds inside tree seed pod at East 108th Street near Third Avenue

Digital camera’s afforded me the freedom to take as many shots as possible. In other words, to practice, practice, practice. I have had one since coming back from Florida in the late 90s. I used my Canon G9 for almost 6 years and now have a real DSLR. I can’t believe that it has been only since May 5th that I have gone manual mode and learned a lot more about photography.

I love framing and getting the shot. But I also love the way taking photos relaxes me. And unlike Amateur Radio, which involves some planning and heavy equipment, photography is more portable. I take my Canon Sl1 everywhere. I have learned so much since May. My favorite photos to take are the hard to get ones, night shots, time lapse, close ups (marcro) and wide angle shots.

I was hoping to learn more about photography from my friend John Ayala, but he passed away earlier this month while vacationing in Puerto Rico. I will miss John even beyond photography.

There is also the excitement of photography my other hobbies, my small card size webserver (Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black, and amateur radio. I wonder if I might not make a good product photographer? I may just look into it.  I also like taking photos while at church. All area’s of my life are subject to my camera.